The new English breakfast tea. Reinvented for vegans.

For many people, drinking English breakfast tea with milk is a perfect way to start the day. The combination of the bold flavor of the tea and the creamy texture of the milk creates a truly delicious and comforting morning drink. But even the best English breakfast tea can become a disappointment when you try to use vegan alternatives such as soy milk, almond milk, or oat milk instead of cow milk. That’s why we at the Best Tea Box created Jenji – the first English breakfast tea made for vegans.

Why does tea with milk taste so good?

English breakfast tea is a classic blend of black teas, mainly from Assam (India), Sri Lanka, and Kenya. Traditionally, these blends are composed to be enjoyed with cow milk. They are full-bodied and have a strong, aromatic flavor and a higher level of astringency as well as bitterness. When mixed with the creaminess of cow milk, this taste profile develops into a harmonic beverage. That’s basically the secret of English breakfast tea.

Painting of an English breakfast tea

So why does the tea with, let’s say, oat milk taste so different? Oat milk itself has not only a different flavor than cow milk, but it is also a little bit astringent. Most commercially available English breakfast blends ignore this fact. Their taste profiles aren’t complementary to vegan milk alternatives such as oat milk.

Painting of a cup of oat milk.

Jenji – the new English breakfast tea made for vegans

After uncountable cups and tastings, we decided to create a new English breakfast tea for you. Other than our popular Jenji TB tea, which is a result of the blending of existing teas, Jenji Superior is an original artisan specialty tea creation. It results from a unique processing method applied to the best fresh tea leaves plucked and processed directly in a tea garden in Golghat in mid-west Assam.

More taste, more sustainability

To create the best tea for oat milk for you, we have teamed up with Ganesh and his friends, who specialize in producing tailor-made teas in their own tea garden. We decided to collaborate with them because they follow a bigger mission than exploring the universe of taste hidden in the tea leaves. With the parallel transformation of their pesticide-free tea garden into a fully organic farm, they want to inspire more tea farmers in the Assam region to join organic farming and specialty tea production. Jenji is a real game-changer. For you and Ganesh and his friends.

Detail of Jenji - the new English breakfast tea

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