Your New Favorite Sustainable Tea Brand. 5 Good Reasons For The Best Tea Box

Farmer picking tea leaves in a wild forrest. Sustainable tea brand

Our sustainable tea brand manifesto

1. More taste, less waste

As consumers, we’re still used to buying the packaging. Often the packaging is more critical for our buying decision than the product itself. We want to change this behavioral pattern. That’s why we systematically reduce the use of unnecessary packaging. Also, wherever it’s possible, we use environmentally friendly materials. It’s not only good for our environment, but it also saves costs. That’s why we can offer you better teas for your money. Read more about our efforts to reduce our CO2 footprint here.

2. Embrace diversity

There is a shelf with tea in each grocery store. The variety of colorful tea boxes from different brands helps you distinguish what’s behind the packaging. However, if you look closer, you will mostly find a commodity inside each tea bag. Anonymous, machine-processed teas from different regions blended to reach possibly uniform and unchanging taste. Even though they may be legitimate, these products have just one purpose: To maximize the seller’s profit

Similar to wine, tea is a natural product. It absorbs and transports the authentic local terroir; it changes from season to season. Even the most minor changes in processing can significantly impact its taste. With our tea collection, we want you to discover tea’s incredible diversity and beauty as a natural product while respecting its cultivation’s (agri-)cultural origins.

3. Organic & pesticide-free tea only

When we began our tea-sourcing journey in 2020, we were surprised to see how many farmers still rely on chemical pesticides to increase their yield. With the Best Tea Box, we would like to contribute to more ecological tea farming. That’s why we source only organic & pesticide-free teas. Small tea farmers are often very proud of their traditional farming methods and are in close touch with the local environment.

Therefore, they avoid using chemical pesticides. Many of these pesticide-free tea gardens would often meet the criteria for organic certification. Still, they can’t afford the effort and costs to apply for it. By spreading the word about their teas and paying fair prices, we encourage them to become organically certified in the near future.

4. Direct trade with the farmers

Although a growing number of small farmers have access to the internet and the possibility to ship their tea worldwide, the tea trade still heavily relies on resellers. The division of labor makes sense. However, the more resellers and distributors participate in the exchange, and the less money ends in the hands of farmers. We’ve learned that empowering farmers gives them more freedom to focus on quality rather than quantity. That’s why we buy tea directly from farmers whenever we can.

Also, being in direct touch with the farmers helps us better understand the authentic tea culture of a particular region and appreciate the value of all the work behind each cup.

5. Improving every day for more sustainable tea

Maybe we can’t change the world. But we can change ourselves. For us, social and ecological sustainability is not an end. It’s an endless optimization effort, an exciting learning path that shows us a way toward a better future. Help us to make a difference!

If you have questions or ideas about making the Best Tea Box more sustainable, please email us at or get in touch with us through our social media channels.

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