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A handmade porcelain tea set designed exclusively for the Best Tea Box by Studio Cúze.

  • design: Yasuhiro Cúze
  • porcelain tea set consisting of a teapot with a lid and a teacup
  • perfect for multiple brewings of precious teas
  • volume: ca. 100 ml
  • dimensions: teapot: diameter ca. 110 mm, height ca. 70 mm; teacup: diameter: ca. 110 mm height: ca. 45 mm
  • designed and hand-made in Berlin
  • celebrates the irregularity of minimalistic hand-made teaware – each pot and cup is unique
  • comes in a perfectly cut cardboard box, securely wrapped in paper

Studio Cúze was founded in 2012 in Berlin by the Japanese ceramic artist Yasuhiro Cúze. The convinced Berliner-by-choice is a graduate of the famous Tajimi City Pottery Design and Technical Centre Ishoken. His works reflect his biography: Being rooted in the tradition of the finest Japanese pottery but at the same time being cosmopolitan, curious, and open to innovation or experiments.

Detail of a tea set by Yasuhiro Cúze

The subtle but noticeable sculptural qualities of Yasuhiro Cúzes designs create an exceptional, a little bit mysterious presence in the space. However, the pieces are everything but untouchable exhibits. The way Yasuhiro Cúze forms porcelain, the material of his choice, with his hands leads to aesthetically unique objects that caress the hand and emphasize attentive daily use.

The idea of the collaboration with the Best Tea Box was to create a tea set for tea lovers who want to go beyond the historically prescribed tea ceremonies; to emphasize them to develop their own living tea rituals.

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