AW 22/23 Tea Sampler Box

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Get the six best teas from our current collection in a tea sampler box and save up to 10€ compared to individual orders.

BACH TRA SHAN PRIVATE – unique silver needle artisan tea from the ancient heritage trees in the mountains of North Vietnam. Tasting notes: flowery, honey, velvety, dried papaya

WHITE LANGUR – exclusive artisan white tea creation from Sri Lanka. Tasting notes: meadow flowers, cucumber, black currants

SPRING OOLONG – brisk, light-bodied tea with a beguiling floral aroma from the best terroir in Ilam, Nepal. Tasting notes: sweet orchid, precious wood, zest

BAN TRA PRIVATE – very rare white artisan specialty tea made from old leaves from ancient trees. Tasting notes: light, soothing, sweet, lemon balm

GOLDEN ORCHID – golden curl tea, an absolute highlight of the Sri Lankan art of tea making. Tasting notes: orchid, earthy, stone fruit

BLACK YABE – Japanese black tea specialty from the mountains of the Fukuoka Prefecture. Tasting notes: rose, earthy, honey, apricot



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