Ban Tra Private

Very rare artisan specialty tea made from old leaves from ancient trees.

light, soothing, sweet, lemon balm

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This unique artisan specialty tea comes from the mountains in North Vietnam. Ban Tra was made from the oldest leaves from ancient trees.

Other than the young buds, the oldest leaves are usually left to fall off the tree after 1-3 years since they are unsuitable for traditional processing.

However, a local Vietnamese tea maker found a way to turn these leaves into delicious tea. After the leaves are plucked, they are washed in hot rice water and then dried and folded.

Old big leaves of Ban Tra Tea

The result is a white tea with a beautiful light herbal flavor. The tea has soothing effects and is credited with many health benefits by the locals. It can age well up to three years.

To fully experience the authentic flavor of this wonderful tea the leaves have to maintain their full size. That makes the transport of the tea very challenging and therefore the tea is hard to be found outside Vietnam. We pack it in slightly bigger bags to protect the leaf’s structure.

This tea is undoubtedly one of our most exciting discoveries!

Recommended preparation

Water temperature: 90-100°C
Steep time: 3-4 min
Serving size: 2-3 leaves per cup / 50-100ml
Number of infusions: 4-6

Feel free to experiment!

Ingredients: white tea
Sealed in compostable aroma bag



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