Bach Tra Shan Private

Unique silver needle artisan tea from the ancient heritage trees in the mountains of North Vietnam.

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Imagine an ancient tea tree. You probably think of the Chinese Yunnan province. But did you know that in the North Vietnam districts, just a stone’s throw away from the Yunnan border, you can also find a vibrant tea culture that has developed around ancient tea trees for centuries now?

This tea comes from a small, family-owned tea garden in the Hoang Su Phi district. It’s a private pluck from big, 300 – 700 years old trees. The complete area is part of the Vietnamese Heritage Trees preservation project. The trees here grow in an entirely natural environment since no chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides are allowed.

We had to wait a couple of weeks for the perfect day for the pluck. The manual plucking includes climbing on trees in hard-to-reach terrain.

The leaves are then meticulously processed and carefully sun-dried for about a week.

This “Bach Tra Shan” silver needle tea is a unique form of the highly-valued “Shan Tuyet” tea. Whereas most Shan Tuyet teas come with a characteristic light astringency, the Bach Tra Shan has a deeper aroma and no astringency.

Detail of the silver furry texture of the Bach Tra Shan tea leaves.
Detail of the silver furry texture of the Bach Tra Shan tea leaves.

The limited number of ancient trees and the laborious process results in small tea quantities per year. Even if it takes a skilled tea master more than one week to produce it, the wonderfully fragrant and delicate tea is definitely worth the effort.

Recommended preparation

Water temperature: 90°C
Steep time: 3-4 min
Serving size: 2-2,5 tsp / 100ml
Number of infusions: 3-4

Feel free to experiment!

Ingredients: 15g of white tea
Sealed in compostable aroma bag


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