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4 reasons why iced pink tea is the best drink for hot summer days

If a naturally brewed tea doesn’t appear on your personal shortlist of refreshing drinks for hot summer days, then pink tea may be something inspiring for you to try. Especially if you are looking for a serious alternative to artificially flavored and sweetened drinks, you should definitely take a sip. But be warned, even a little sip may change your drinking habits!

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1. Incredible color

Rosé wine, rhubarb spritz, or raspberry lemonade; pink is THE color of summer drinks. For pink tea, the name says everything, almost everything. If you see a glass of brewed pink tea for the first time, you probably won’t believe that the color comes from tea leaves only, without any additional artificial or natural colors. But it does! Just watch our recommended preparation video. It’s incredible, but what you see here is what you get. Within 4-6 minutes, the all-natural tea leaves will turn cold water into a breathtaking pink beverage that stands out and adds a touch of elegance to any occasion.

Iced pink tea in glass with ice cubes

How is this possible?

Pink tea is made of wild-like grown Camellia Sinensis leaves from Sri Lanka. It is produced from special tender leaves and buds of naturally wild-like farmed tea plants, which undergo a complex natural transformation leading to exceptional pigmentation. 

The state-of-the-art manufacturing procedure, which can compare to red wine manufacturing technology, is based on an accelerated non-fermenting surface co-pigmentation process involving the application of additional energy in a special production environment.

2. Pink tea stands for great taste

If you think a good tea needs some sugar and maybe a dash of lemon or other ingredients to enjoy its aroma and taste fully, then you should try pink tea from Sri Lanka.

Because of the particular processing, the tea has an unusually intensive, all-natural flavor of sweet red berries and roses. Its “pink taste” is well-balanced with a hint of bitterness, which makes it more than just a perfect hot-weather thirst quencher.

Iced pink tea in a long drink glass

Pour it into a wine glass and surprise your rosé-spoiled palate with a new serious food pairing experience! You will be surprised how well it goes with food – not only with various desserts but also with salads and vegan summer dishes.

3. All-natural & super-healthy

As a 100% natural product, pink tea comes with all the great benefits of pure leaf tea. A gentle manufacturing process enables the tea to retain its most valuable substances in an undamaged and enhanced condition.

Pink Tea from Sri Lanka

Iced pink tea, therefore, is a great option for those looking to stay hydrated during the summer. Unlike other sugary drinks, unsweetened iced pink tea has practically no calories. It’s rich in antioxidants, so it supports your immune system by neutralizing free radicals. As an all-natural drink with no other additives such as colorants or aromas, it’s also one of the tastiest detox teas available.

4. Quick & easy to prepare

Put 2-3 ice cubes in a glass with 1 tea spoon of pink tea and pour over with cold water. Sieve after 4-5 minutes and enjoy!


Superpink! The best cold brew tea drink for hot summer days.Tasting notes: rose, red berries, bittersweet If you are looking for a delicious non-alcoholic and sugar-free drink for hot summer days, you must try this pink tea from Sri Lanka. The refreshing tea is the result of very special processing. Believe it or not – the absolutely gorgeous bright pink color and the light aroma of sweet red berries come from pure tea leaves. No additives, no artificial colors, or aromas were added.Tastes best as cold brew!Get yours at https://best-tea-box.comWith a dash of rose water or some rose petals, you can turn this tea into a serious drink. Serve it on the rocks. Use stevia if you miss more sweetness. Don’t mix it with citrus fruits!#pink #pinktea #srilanka #bestteabox #besttea #ceylon #summerdrink #superpink

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